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Radically Better Results

FatFace has worked with Yard for five years and they have provided great support across many analytics implementation projects — as well as introducing the Cubed marketing attribution tool — offering new insights on our digital marketing performance. Yard’s work on building dashboards, using the Adobe Analytics API and designs by FatFace, meant that the eCommerce team were able to meet the challenge of bringing current digital data to our head office teams.

— Sarah Clarke, Digital Analyst


FatFace was struggling to track channel performance for display advertising as they were unable to collect data on impressions or resulting customer activity.

The apparell brand needed to report on performance to key stakeholders, but was unable to prove the value of all channels.

With no method of reporting on key performance metrics, the team at FatFace were concerned the value of this activity would go unattributed, resulting in reduced budgets.

FatFace firmly believed there was more revenue to be attributed to these channels, that this was a visibility issue rather than a poorly performing channel and that reducing budget would be a mistake. A method was needed to accurately report on the true value of their marketing strategy.


Without Cubed, the display channel appeared as though it was drastically underperforming.

To solve this issue and attribute the true value we implemented Cubed tracking. A view of data and analysis that was specific to the display channel, and the impact it had post first-impression was created.

Detailed analysis was compiled over a three-month time period to demonstrate a comprehensive view of the true impact the channel had on revenue.


  • Cubed provided the data needed to understand the true value of display
  • Fatface are now able to easily report on key performance metrics to stakeholders
  • Identified £6,000,000+ of revenue attributed incorrectly
  • Proved display advertising was contributing over 100,000% more revenue than previously thought
  • Allowed Fatface to allocate budgets accurately based on genuine channel performance