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Bringing Adobe Analytics to the table.

The Dining Club Group appointed Yard as its supplier on implementing Adobe Analytics for one of their new websites, Hi-Life.co.uk.

The Dining Club Group “DCG” wanted to keep the tracking simple by using a full data layer across their website and one report suite for this domain and any future domains. Shani Winfield, Head of Analytics at DCG, proposed that the solution was to use one full implementation and data layer across all domains, and utilise Adobe’s Virtual Report Suite features.




Our impact


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What did we do?

Our client, the UK’s leading Dining Club Card provider, operates multiple brands across different website domains. They wanted to implement Adobe Analytics across all of these brands in a way that would provide accurate and robust data for all their sites collectively, as well as enabling reporting views of individual brands.


How did we do it?

Working alongside Joseph Gourvenec, Head of Marketing at the Dining Club Group, we configured an Adobe Analytics implementation for the client using latest best practices. To ensure any data captured is accurate and robust we worked with the DCG site developers to define a consistent data layer which could be implemented on each domain.

We also worked with their digital team to determine the tracking requirements for each website and defined a consistent analytics tracking specification to meet their business needs.

Finally, we implemented a single report suite in Adobe Analytics to collect consistent data across each of their brand websites. Taking advantage of Adobe’s “Virtual Report Suite” feature, we set up key dimensions to enable each different brand website to be clearly distinguished. This allowed us to setup virtual report suites for each brand website.


Good Results?

This new architecture has multiple advantages over the older techniques traditionally used in web analytics to track multiple websites for a single company:

  • Data Consistency – it helps to ensure that the data is consistent across multiple websites and brands, enabling direct comparison of the performance of different brands.
  • Data Access Control – it enables the client flexible control and grants the right level of data access to each employee – access to all report suites can be provided to super users. Other users can be granted access to the websites of a single brand or where appropriate, only a single website for a particular country domain.
  • Cost Efficiency – using a single report suite setup saves on server calls, reducing cost compared to traditional techniques of collecting data in multiple report suites.
  • Extensible and Future Proof – should the client wish to launch new brands, this setup can incorporate tracking of new websites within its flexible architecture.

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