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Analytics Boosts Paid Media Performance

Adobe recommended Yard to implement Adobe Analytics for dealchecker's website, as part of our partnership programme. dealchecker wanted complete end-to-end ecommerce Adobe Analytics implementation, with a full data layer across their website.




What was asked?

dealchecker selected the rebuilt, market-leading Adobe Ad-Cloud to replace their existing paid media optimisation tools from DC Storm and Google. Adobe recommended Yard to highlight the added value that behavioural data and segmentation from Adobe Analytics offers to Ad-cloud customers. When this has been implemented in the past, uplifts of 20% have been seen over stand-alone performance.

Yard were then selected by dealchecker to implement Adobe Analytics in conjunction with Adobe deploying Ad-Cloud as part of our collaborative partnership programme. dealchecker wanted complete end-to-end ecommerce Adobe Analytics implementation with a full data layer across their website with custom-built data connectors to their Criteo, Facebook and other defined data sources

Prior to working with Yard and Adobe, dealchecker had basic Google Analytics page tracking in place, with minimal additional tracking for a few key events implemented. This meant that they had to collate reports from multiple sources to present performance to the business.

An uplift in Ad-Cloud Performance powered by Yard’s Adobe Analytics implementation

Full end-to-end ecommerce tracking

A future-proof, bespoke data layer

New report suite architecture

A bespoke tool built to integrate Criteo data into Adobe Analytics


What did we do?

dealchecker is a UK-based travel comparison website that provides users with a variety of search tools that enable them to compare prices between travel companies.

dealchecker’s main business goals were improved paid media optimisation, efficient performance modelling,  attribution and enhanced segmentation. These goals were supported by our foundational restructure of dealchecker’s data collection as well as our integration of all of their data sources within Adobe Analytics.

Additionally, dealchecker wanted to implement Adobe Analytics in a way that would provide them with accurate and robust data, using multiple dashboards that allowed the most important data to be viewed in one place.


How did we do it?

We worked parallel with the Adobe Ad-Cloud team, aligning on business requirements and ensuring the project met the aggressive timelines required by dealchecker. This meant that Yard and Adobe had to work together as one team, often going above and beyond typical requirements to make this project a joint success.

Our first task involved determining all of dealchecker’s Adobe Analytics tracking requirements, aligning them to the Ad-Cloud deployment and enhancing capabilities from our previous experiences with similar clients. This was done through a collaborative discovery workshop session with Yard, Adobe and dealchecker. Once all the requirements were captured, documented and signed off, we needed to support the developers in deploying the data layer and Launch scripts so we could implement the necessary tracking via the Adobe Launch tag management system. This was an essential step to ensure all the relevant data is sent to Adobe Analytics in a manner that is as robust and efficient as possible.

One of the final steps involved our in-house test team working with Adobe’ LFS Quality Assurance teams to validate the data within Adobe Analytics. In addition to this, quality was assured by manually testing the tags firing on the website. This is crucial for all implementation projects to ensure all of the requirements have been captured correctly. Once we’d made sure that all the necessary elements were recorded within Analytics, we hosted a walkthrough session with dealchecker, taking them through all of the dashboards displaying the data capture.


Good results?

You can count on that! We provided dealchecker with access to end-to-end user tracking all the way through to purchase in addition to creating a future-proof bespoke data layer. The Adobe Analytics rollout has made it possible for tracking to be customised to dealchecker’s needs, offering greater insight for reporting. dealchecker now have absolute transparency on visitor engagement across different pages and sections of the website. Additionally, internal site search implementation has provided additional insight into what dealchecker’s customers search for on the site and how they navigate after the search.

The integration of Ad-Cloud, Criteo and other data sources has improved dealchecker’s overall performance while reducing their manual reporting time internally, allowing that time to be spent analysing opportunities and exploring hypotheses based on the data. This has led to the first stages of personalisation for the acquisition, conversion and retention of audiences.

Last but not least, many of dealchecker’s previously unanswered questions were able to be addressed thanks to Adobe Analytics’ report configuration, providing a huge leap in actionable data compared to previous technologies that were in place. We also continue to collaborate with dealchecker, providing training, support and insight for them on a monthly basis while the Ad-Cloud team continues to exceed expectations on paid media performance.

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