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Lifting DC Thomson Media over the turnstiles

We partnered with renowned Scottish publisher DC Thomson Media to maximise the sales of Lifted Over the Turnstiles, the first book to be released as part of their Heritage range, which looks to monetise archived content.





increase in sales versus
the initial forecast


return on investment for every £1 spent on the
campaign in partnership with DC Thomson Media


What did we do?

Lifted Over the Turnstiles features a series of previously unpublished, archived black-and-white images of Scottish football grounds, along with Steve Finan’s excellent history of the 42 featured stadiums. Alongside DC Thomson Media we used owned and earned media to generate engagement and awareness of the book. While the outstanding images are of great interest to fans throughout Scotland and beyond, relying on them for promotion would have been an own-goal. We needed fans to still feel compelled to buy the book.

Instead, we created the Scottish Football Memories content to sit at the heart of the strategy. The interactive review of the greatest moments in the game was compiled with the help of football fans across Scotland. This beautifully presented piece of content scored with our target audience of Scottish football fans by capturing everything they love about the game.


How did we do it?

Tying in with the theme of the book we focused on the fact that the grounds are home to many meaningful memories and fans revel in recalling the delight of seeing their team succeed, in addition to more personal recollections of bonding with friends or family. We asked supporters to submit their favourite moments for a chance to win a copy of the book.

100 well and lesser-known Scottish football memories were assembled to create an interactive piece of content that details the best moments in the game’s history in a much more user-friendly way than any other similarly themed content. The campaign capitalised on the increased positivity from fans about the game in Scotland, positioning it as unique, quirky and full of entertainment.


Did we score?

Following our targeted outreach activity, the interactive content generated a huge volume of coverage and engagement, with professional clubs and supporters’ trusts sharing it with their followers (including some features in match programmes). Over 350,000 people were reached via social media shares of the content; that’s 218% more than the number of fans who watched the opening league fixtures of the previous season.

Coverage also included blog posts and articles on many highly relevant sites. The time spent viewing the content on the DC Thomson Shop site is 482% higher than the average for other pages. Furthermore, our outreach led to the content being used by football memories groups in Scotland, which help people with dementia and other age-related memory-loss conditions via sessions across Scotland.

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