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Content Analysis Dashboard

We helped Activity Superstore keep on top of content performance with a custom-built analytics dashboard.




Direct visibility on content performance

Control over content strategy


What did we do?

We built a bespoke content analysis dashboard for Activity Superstore, an e-commerce gift experience retailer.

By extracting data from their analytics tool and applying our custom models to it, we were able to monitor the performance of new content, as well as existing content we made updates to, giving us valuable insights to act upon.


How did we do it?

To build the custom dashboard tool we used R/Shiny, an open source package that provides a framework for building web applications. The below graph shows a snapshot from the dashboard – entries to a page with altered content, ‘/for-couples’, from the natural search channel. The red line represents the date content was pushed live, which enables us to recognise and understand the impact of the new content, pre and post the live date. 

To gain deeper insights, we also added metrics such as revenue, orders and conversion rate, at both a visit level (users converting on that particular visit), and a visitor level (users converting on that particular visit and/or a future visit).

The interface of most analytics tools assign credit on a visit basis. So if a customer enters a website, views a particular page and converts on that visit, that page gets attributed credit. However, if in the future the same customer revisits the website, the page from the customer’s previous visit(s), does not get any credit, even though it would have had some impact on the customer revisiting and converting. Therefore, by adding this extra layer of granularity, Activity Superstore has visibility on how pages perform over the entire customer journey, rather than just one converting visit. 


Good results?

Data should always be at the heart of an SEO and content strategy and it’s never been more important for marketers to be data-informed. Investigating why something did or didn’t work is more important than tossing out a failed tactic or doubling down on a successful one. Without this analysis and insight, you could be making rash decisions that won’t produce the results you’re looking for.

Our bespoke dashboard gave Activity Superstore direct visibility on what was and wasn’t working in terms of content. This valuable insight meant they could act quickly, giving complete control over their content strategy.

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