We’re an independent digital agency specialising in data, technology and creativity. Put simply—we’ll help you attract, acquire, retain, and grow your customer base. 


Our mantra is ‘Made to Measure’ stemming from our core specialisms of data and insight. Everything we do is quantifiable, meaning there’s no more second-guessing. Being data-led, we’ll give you absolute confidence in your marketing decisions. The result? Your organisation learns and evolves at pace. 

Why Yard?

When you appoint us, you’ll develop collaborative relationships with a team of brilliant minds skilled to drive your business forward.  

We’re part of the leading global network of independent agencies. So, we have the capabilities to work at scale whilst remaining agile, entrepreneurial and nurturing our genuine client-first service culture.  

Our agency is powered by humans who care about causes outside the office too. We encourage the entire team to bring their interests to work with them. An agency-wide passion is for our planet. So, we make sure everything we do has as little negative impact as possible, for Yardies and our communities.  

the founders

We were founded by Stephan Briggs and Paul Newbury in 2006, who were passionate to create an agency that worked in genuine sync with clients, collaborating in a cohesive and effective way that delivered transformative digital results. Our founding principle? To treat every client the way we would want to be treated ourselves.

Yard agency is part of Yard Group.

New Business

Collette Easton

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