A new year, a chance to reset.  

Ambitious goals. Fresh ideas. Renewed enthusiasm.  

Most people will spend this week getting their feet firmly back under their desk and kick-starting plans to ensure they deliver on their company’s aspirations in 2022.  

How each business will prepare for success this year may differ. Annual or monthly strategy setting? Weekly check-ins or daily stand ups? The divergence is no secret, it spans professions, sectors and individuals. And yet, it’s an especially interesting topic to marketers, a breed of professional who by their very nature look to data to understand what works and what doesn’t, in a desire to pinpoint a best practice approach and amend their tactics accordingly.  

Our curiosity on this subject got the better of us. We wanted to understand how leaders within marketing are making important decisions here and now. Understandably, this process is likely to have changed over the course of the last two years having experienced a pandemic. 

So, we worked with YouGov to survey 1,000 marketing decision makers, to understand exactly how marketers are preparing for this new chapter. We asked a range of questions across three key categories, namely planning, executing, and growing.  

The results illustrate a solid understanding of best practice and its direct impact on results, whilst also showing the challenges faced, sometimes meaning the most lucrative path isn’t followed. 

We wanted to provide a useful resource as a result, one that explains the current state of marketing preparation, whilst providing solutions and a clear blueprint of what best actually looks like. We believe we’ve done exactly that with our new “State of Marketing Planning” whitepaper. It’s packed with useful insights, some recognisable trends alongside some quite surprising findings that will get you thinking about your own marketing priorities. 

Download your copy now.

Rona Leslie