Visiting this webpage creates a carbon footprint! (Almost 1.5g of CO2e is generated for every brand new visit).

In fact, browsing any website, liking a pic on Instagram, retweeting your favourite comedian, binge watching your favourite online series and anything else you do online creates a carbon footprint but we can lower it.

The internet is responsible for around 4% of carbon emissions globally and while that may not seem much, it’s roughly the same as the aviation industry which has been called on time and time again to lower its impact. So we’re working on doing the same for digital.

As part of this drive, Yard has acquired Aline into the Yard Group. Aline are a digital sustainability consultancy who are shaping our services to become more conscious of our environmental impact, as well as optimise and create features for our Cubed platform to make it as sustainable as possible. Of course, we are also measuring the impact for our clients to ensure that it is as low as feasibly possible before offsetting what can’t be reduced further.

We’re starting this journey with our own website which over the course of the year generates around 100kg of CO2e, which is more than the weight of an average grown man! 

We’re aiming to reduce this weight by more than 75% meaning that there’s some drastic changes incoming – which can only be a good thing for the planet!

Chris Butterworth