What a year it’s been so far.  

I set up Aline back in February of this year, with a mixed response at first. Getting people to change behaviours and understanding in an already well-established sector is difficult, but I persevered and started making headway. 

Aline is all about collaboration over competition; we don’t take work from anybody but work alongside them to be able to shape a more sustainable offering when it comes to digital output.  

Above all else, it’s always about making a positive impact. 

I’ve been learning, practicing and teaching about everything digital sustainability since I read a paper by Greenpeace on the carbon emissions of the IT industry.  

It stated that if the IT industry were a country, it would be the 6th highest polluter in the world! 

Being a design technologist, I could instantly think of all the touch points the IT industry has both physical and digital and knew straight away that I needed to do something.  

This started with the main bulk of my experience, which is within web design and development in an agency setting, before branching out to become more technology agnostic and able to talk about touch points outside of web development. Issues like emails, web applications and wider aspects of digital marketing. 

Finding synergy 

I started working with Yard as a contractor, helping the leadership to understand the concept of digital sustainability and how to implement it within their operations and digital output.  

After having a few conversations with various team members and the founders, it was clear to see that there was some synergy between us when it comes to the impact we were both looking to have.  

I was taken aback when starting the conversation about being acquired but, with the level of thought leadership when it comes to data driven marketing, and being the yardstick (no pun intended) to compare agencies to, it became a fairly straightforward decision. 

Through Yard acquiring Aline, we’ve given digital sustainability the platform it needs to have the impact that’s truly required to get organisations thinking about the hidden emissions from every one of their digital operations so that they can begin measuring it and – crucially – lowering it.  

It’s a big task ahead of us, but I, for one, can’t wait to get started. 

If you want to find out more about digital sustainability or for any other enquiries, please get in touch.

Chris Butterworth