Should a business outsource their digital efforts to an agency? Keep it all in-house? What about doing a bit of both; can they work together? 

This topic has been discussed from countless angles in recent years and will look slightly different for each individual business, but having worked agency side for 21 years, I’ve seen first-hand the merits of clients appointing agencies in a collaborative way.  

Hearing this topic discussed recently through the lens of ‘Bothism’ it seems that many are coming round to this idea. I’m glad to see this, as it’s a topic I feel passionate about. 

It’s not just a case of handing over the controls to the agency, but a true collaboration of skillsets and experience from both client-side and agency that often reaps the best rewards.  

In short, we need each other to deliver the best possible outcomes. 

A shared understanding

Client-side marketers have a huge job on their hands, not just in meeting the demands that we may place on them during a project, but crucially in facing off to their stakeholders.  

Risk management. Compliance needs. Internal comms. Budget control. The list goes on. 

It’s not just us sweating it at all hours of the day. We recognise the amount of work done by the clients we work with and always hope that our client-side colleagues get the recognition they deserve for a job well done. Let’s face it, we need both client and agency working in harmony, always. Together we succeed. 

When we work as “one team” we respect the pressures on each other and typically create the best solutions – offering the best chance at outcomes we can all be proud of. It’s through this connectivity and commitment to collaboration that we can continue to deliver together, even when dealing with changing priorities. 

The best projects challenge us the most. Test us. Stretch us. Push us. Clients learn and we do too. Even painful lessons, the bumps along the way, play an important part. We get to the finish line together. 

Playing to our strengths

Connecting analytical, technical, and creative people from across client and agency side is very powerful. I witness this every day as we work in partnership with great clients such as Camelot, Centrica, Epson, FatFace, RSA, Sainsbury’s Bank, Skipton Building Society and The White Company. 

Delivering solutions that bring digital data to the surface, doing deep-dive analysis of this data and carrying out optimisation driven by the analysis, providing for great results. We provide clients with visibility on their data to make marketing decisions, find solutions and achieve the desired results. 

Some of our clients already do, or have ambitions to, mirror some of the services that we as an agency have expertise in. They also see the value in working with an agency packed with certified expert practitioners, providing experience and confidence. 

We take pride in our clients getting the most out of solutions implemented and maximising the technologies that they’ve invested in. We support them through this process and as they mature on their data journey we work in collaboration on other projects, striving to improve and hit new heights.  

I for one hope that many continue to adopt the Bothism approach of agency and in-house teams working as one (does this then become Oneism?), as I believe this truly provides the best chance for success and growth. 

Owen Davies