“We have to grow our global organic visibility quickly. Really quickly. We have serious growth ambitions and targets (three million unique visitors across 11 markets) and, in our industry, our competitors move fast. We need to scale our content offering quickly and to create targeted content in the markets that are going to drive the most growth. We need an agency that can deliver and implement a global content strategy quickly, that drives results.”

Our first conversation with RingCentral went a little like that. We ask a lot of questions when meeting with potential new clients. Good questions. Questions that get to the bottom of their needs, their goals, and their challenges. We also listen. It’s pretty simple but you know a lot of people don’t really listen. We do. We then consider what is possible. We then provide solutions that will give the client the best results, create a strategy that will have the biggest impact and provide the greatest ROI, as quickly as possible. Speed of execution is key if we want our clients to get and stay ahead.

Our global content strategy for RingCentral is about speed and growth. We conducted localised keyword research in UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain. I’ll be honest, this part of the process is slow (we’re working on automating keyword research in Cubed to speed things up and save you money) but it is worth doing it right. Our keyword research and categorisation process do take time but it provides us with valuable data. Data that tells us the potential traffic and revenue opportunity in each market. Cubed then tells us which keywords, pages, products, or categories will drive the most traffic and sales. Understanding the true value of each keyword in each market is a hugely valuable piece of data. Add those keywords together and you start to see real opportunities for growth.

Once we have the data, we can move quickly and we created a global content strategy across 11 markets prioritised by the pages that will drive the most revenue. Our content team, lead by the pretty smart and amazing Head of Content, Gemma Francis, then start crafting the content that will inform and convert. It’s all about conversion for us, and speed. The content has to be of high quality but we also needed scale, seeing as many of these markets had little or no existing content. Cubed tells us if we should optimise existing pages or create new pages. Localised content, driven by localised keyword research, written by a native creative.

There is no point driving three million visits if they don’t convert. Cubed’s algorithm tells us which keywords will convert. I know I’ve said that before, but I like it. It makes our lives easier and makes more revenue for our clients. Why wouldn’t you like it?

In the first quarter since the strategy was created, we delivered nearly 200 pages of high-quality content. In the first nine months since activation, we’ve driven 460K visits across nine months, a 20% uplift YoY, increased blog traffic by 366%, generated 8,277 extra leads​ and driven additional revenue of $12+ million, with an ROI of 2,406% or $25 for every $1 spent.

If you need a global content strategy, that will increase your revenue quickly, please get in touch, barry@yarddigital.com.

Barry Begg