In business, never has this saying been more prevalent. And these have been, (sorry in advance for about to use the most used word of the last 16 months) unprecedented times for businesses to navigate their way through.

For many of our clients, 2020 marketing plans and digital roadmaps were shelved as we started to experience the impact of the pandemic on digital behaviours. Sadly, for certain sectors, these plans came to a complete standstill as aeroplanes were grounded and physical outlets closed. For others though, the rapid change in online behaviours meant that marketing and digital teams needed to react and adapt at speed.

As our digital behaviours changed from the way we work, shop, communicate and socialise, those with an e-commerce presence acquired new customers fast. Brands needed to shift focus to ensure that they are delivering the best possible experiences for existing and new customers, to retain their newly acquired online customers and put plans in place to maintain the new high acquisition levels as we move through and out of the pandemic.

As the numbers of online customers have increased, real-time visibility on their behaviour is vital to allow marketers to make quick decisions to deliver on the shift in focus. Visibility on how behaviours differ on web and app platforms, which content contributes to conversion, journey drop-out and frustration points, offline to online and high converting journeys.

An increase in online customers has resulted in more data to surface for analysis allowing for speedy decisions to be made. Companies with good analytics implementations had a head start allowing them to see and report back to the business on customer behaviour. It surfaced the data, and with our support in applying analytical and data science techniques, have been able to interpret the data deriving insights for decisions to be made.  As improvements to online experiences have been swiftly implemented based on these insights, we ensured that interactions with these new journeys are captured and the new data made available for an ongoing cycle of analysis and improvements.

CRO was around way before the pandemic however with the increased number of online customers, many of our clients have totally embraced the test, learn, repeat/improve ways of working. Data-driven optimisation programmes delivering the right content to customers and increased revenues for our clients. Data being at the heart of this agile way of working and allowing marketing teams to implement tests and experiences at speed.

From our experience, brands that are moving with the times adapting to the dramatic changes in online behaviours and applying agile ways of working are the ones reaping the greatest rewards. We look forward to supporting our great clients on their continued digital journey through data enablement, analysis and data-driven optimisation providing the data and insights for marketing decisions to be made.

Owen Davies