A New Normal

Agile methodologies have been around for some time now and we’re all familiar with terms such as scrum, sprints, velocity, backlog, user stories and Kanban. Agile teams being called squads, tribes and hubs is now commonplace.

At Yard we adopt project management practises to suit our client needs and the stage that they are at on their agile journey. At times employing a hybrid approach to project management that combines elements of both the Waterfall and Agile workflow structures.  By combining the best of both, our hybrid approach provides a flexible yet structured way of project managing that can be used across all client projects regardless of the size or complexity.

Agile however goes beyond project management and software development. Today’s marketeers need the ability to work in an agile manner to enable them to deliver the right messages, to the right audiences via the right channels. Delivering optimised personalised content is well versed and benefits to customers and business understood. However, businesses need the right technology, resource and vitally data insights to allow them to work in this agile manner.

We’re fortunate to work with great clients that are embracing agile marketing methods. We work closely supporting them in maximising the optimisation technologies that they have invested in. Starting with data analysis to form experience/test ideation and hypothesis, design and implementation through to live experience test and analysis. Followed by a cyclical approach of test, learn, repeat and improve, all driven by data.  

Many of our clients are at the initial stages of the optimisation lifecycle and their quest to create cross channel personalised experiences for their customers.

They have invested in technologies such as Adobe Target and geared up their teams to deliver on personalisation use cases. We have trained these teams on the technology allowing them to start utilising it to create A/B tests either in house or with our support. For some clients we are doing deep dive data analysis stitching offline and online behaviours to form the hypothesis / ideation process. Our goal is to work with our clients in moving them along the optimisation lifecycle curve, to deliver propensity driven personalisation and next best action, allowing them to be truly agile in this aspect of their marketing.

I’m really excited to be on this journey with our clients, creating data-driven digital experiences providing significant returns on their investment.  Want to find out more? My email is Owen@yard.email.

Owen Davies