Insights that drive actionable business decisions that result in revenue increases at Super Jackpot levels – in my opinion, that’s Data Transformation at its best. And this is exactly what our clever team of data analysts and scientists have delivered in the last month for one of our fantastic clients.

There are plenty of stats out there about digital advancement in the last 12 months, one being that during the first three months of the pandemic, digital advanced the equivalent of 10 years. Our digital behaviours have certainly changed. The way we work, shop, communicate, socialise and dare I say it home school (hopefully not a change that will be carried through). Many of our clients had to adapt quickly to serve users as their needs changed and evolve their roadmap accordingly to provide the best digital experiences. In this instance, our client did this successfully with 1.3M new online users from April to September 2020, +26.9%.

As we approached 12 months since the pandemic changed the world, the timing was right to conduct a data deep dive to understand digital trends. A deep dive into digital user behaviours to identify the blockers and opportunities to improve user experiences, and to maximise revenue opportunities for our client which in turn will result in further investment in good causes – even more important after the last 12 months that we’ve all experienced. There were a number of vital components that provided the groundwork to enable us to do this.  

Firstly, we have a client that has amassed a talented digital team that understand the importance of data to drive decision making. They have invested in technology, in this case, Adobe Analytics. They have partnered with us here at Yard for the past 4 years to support them in ensuring that all journeys and interaction data points across web and app are captured in a robust data layer and surfaced in Adobe Analytics reports and workspaces/dashboards. Reports that play a vital role in business decisions on a weekly basis.


As a starting point, our team created new reports and workspaces in Adobe Analytics to further supplement the existing library of reports and to surface all the required data on key user journeys and all online interactions. Then through applying analytical techniques such as Z-scores to calculate the statistical significance of events and segmenting users by frequency cohorts, they got to work in pulling out key insights and recommendations for the client to consider – detailed in 350 PowerPoint slides!

Insights on how user behaviours differ on web, mobile web and native apps, how new and existing user behaviours differ by region, conversion ratios, user weekly value and LTV by platform, content engagement levels and journey drop-out points. Insights that have formed a statistical view of digital trends allowing us to identify opportunities to improve user experiences, optimise journeys and content to increase revenues. And opportunities to drive individuals to the right digital platforms to maximise value. Plenty for our client to consider.

We are very much looking forward to supporting in optimising their digital platforms, to continue being proactive to the change in digital behaviours in the coming weeks and months. With data transformation resulting in more users on digital platforms and most importantly driving further investment in good causes in the years to come.

Owen Davies