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15th November 2017 by Ben James | News & Events

Yard and ObservePoint at the NFL

In exciting news, we were recently invited by our partner ObservePoint to watch the NFL London Games match between the Arizona Cardinals and the LA Rams at Twickenham.

As well as the big game itself, myself and Daniel Rees (Yard’s Lead Test Analyst and Web Analyst Consultant respectively) got the opportunity to catch up with some of our friends at ObservePoint, discussing topics around our partner’s functionality and products.

The match resulted in the LA Rams winning comfortably, with the final score being 33-0. A couple of key interceptions led to touchdowns, causing a big swing in momentum leading to a decisive victory.

As a data and insights driven company, we felt it was only right to take some time after the game and analyse the stats, providing some “Yardie” NFL Analysis.

Firstly, passing accuracy and yards gained demonstrated a key area where the LA Rams dominated.

C. Palmer and D. Stanton both had spells as Quarterback (QB) for the Arizona Cardinals as highlighted in red. However, the two Arizona Cardinals QBs were unable to match the impressive display from LA Rams QB J. Goff, highlighted in blue:

  • Passing accuracy was an area that the Arizona Cardinals struggled in, as shown in the graph. C. Palmer had a passing accuracy of 55% (10/18) and D. Stanton had a passing accuracy of 33% (5/14).
  • J. Goff managed to get a pass accuracy of 59% (22/37), providing the LA Rams with more possession.
  • The two QBs for the Arizona Cardinals couldn’t muster the same yards gained as J. Goff who gained a total of 235 yards compared to the combined 184 yards of C. Palmer and D. Stanton.

Yard NFL Passing Statistics Graph

Secondly, the Rushing stats show another area where the Arizona Cardinals (highlighted in red) were outclassed by the LA Rams (highlighted in blue). The Man of the Match, Todd Gurley, came away from the game in a league of his own:

  • Todd Gurley gained his team 106 yards which is more than double that of the second highest player in terms of yards gained. The Baltimore born running-back has the longest gain which led to an impressive 18-yard touchdown.
  • Todd Gurley was not the only impressive player in terms of rushing as the LA Rams, in total, gained an impressive 197 yards.
  • The Arizona Cardinals could only muster a total of 25 yards in response showing the clear lack of possession the Cardinals had.

Yard NFL Rushing Statistics Graph

Lastly, there are a few other interesting statistics that show areas where the LA Rams succeeded and the Arizona Cardinals failed:

  • Extra Points: the LA Rams attempted and completed three extra points from the LA Rams’ Greg Zuerlein completing three extra field goals.
  • Goal-to-go Efficiency: another area of play that the LA Rams used to their advantage with 100% efficiency. They attempted to run the ball into the touchdown zone instead of passing with success on two occasions.
  • Possession: the LA Rams dominated in terms of possession by nearly doubling the Arizona Cardinals’ 20:59 minutes with an impressive 39:01 minutes of control.

Yard NFL Other Statistics Graph

If there are any facts or statistics you feel that we have missed, please let us know (you can tweet us @YardDigital). We would also like to thank our partner ObservePoint for the opportunity to introduce us to NFL and create two new Yard NFL fans.


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