TFL to fund Sofia’s Diary

25th June 2009 by Stephan Briggs | News & Events

It has been announced that TFL will be the sole sponsor for the third and final outing of Bebo’s cross platform teen drama ‘Sofia’s Diary’. In a move to target a teen audience directly the ten episode final run will feature a road safety theme.

For those avid fans reading, it may be best to skip on to the next paragraph, but for everyone else you may be shocked to hear that the show ends with… one of the characters facing a tragic end! Who’d have thought it.

Don’t let your friendship die on the road. Think! Look after your mates.

The sponsorship deal was born out of TFL’s desire to target their latest road safety campaign through the medium of online media as, in their view, this was the best medium of reaching the teen generations at which this campaign was designed. The tagline for the road safety awareness promotion asks young people to look out for one another in the hope that it will help reduce the number of teenage deaths on the streets of our capital.

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