BIMA Digital Day 2016 – Cardiff

29th November 2016 by Lauren Pearson | News & Events

Corpus Christi and Yard BIMA Digital Day 2016

On the 15th November, three of our Cardiff Yardies (Ben, Dan and Luke) ran a BIMA Digital Day session at Corpus Christi High School for the fourth year in a row, offering their perspective of careers in the digital sector and aiding the pupils with set challenges.

Luke’s team came up with an innovative way to use Virtual Reality to raise awareness of obesity and its links to cancer, as per the challenge set by Cancer Research.

Ben helped a group of seven pupils to design a new game for Standard Life that would encourage the users to save money.

Dan guided his group in taking on the challenge from TATA Communications which involved designing an app to solve the main issues faced by communities.

All of the pupils came up with some really interesting ideas and original methods, and we hope that we inspired a few of them to consider the digital industry when it comes to deciding on what they want to do in the future.

Bring on BIMA Digital Day 2017!

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