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Everyone loves food. Cooking food, eating food and looking at pictures of food when you’re hungry – ok maybe that’s too far but it’s what we had to do.

Our brief was to launch and manage a unique and mouth-wateringly amazing food blogger community with the food obsessed. Sainsbury’s wanted to work together to reach out and invite those who bake, baste or just bung stuff in the oven to be part of a collectively infatuated community.


This was a collaborative approach between agency and client. The approach was designed to maximise agency expertise: with bespoke processes, industry insight, staff knowledge and long-term relationship building skills and then marry it up with the invaluable in-house product and customer knowledge.

The key from that start was focus on building long-term and lasting relations.


Together, we created bespoke processes and stringent approvals to ensure we only worked with the most on-brand food obsessed bloggers in the UK.

We know the initial research is vital in the success of any campaign like this. It had to be built around the brand values. We had to work towards the vision of becoming most trusted retailer.

Meticulous research was undertaken to find the most perfect food bloggers.

In-depth evaluation was carried out, covering:

  • Quality control
  • Tone
  • Brand friendly
  • Reach / social footprint
  • Likes / dislikes

Do they love or hate Marmite? We know.

Getting to know these bloggers was the foundation for the success. We checked, checked and checked them some more.

The main focus of the campaign?

To build a mutually beneficial relationship for blogger and brand.


During the 18 month campaign, before full control was delivered to the in-house team, the community delivered:

Tasty blog posts


Delicious social mentions


A community of engaged twitter followers


Facebook friends


It was the epitome of a community. The campaign was so successful, it has led to the launch of the Tu Fashion Community and the Corporate Responsibility Community.