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Sainsbury’s have been promoting Active Kids since 2005. Shoppers collect vouchers in exchange for sports equipment and cooking utensils. It’s a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle for children.

Our brief was to raise awareness of the campaign and to encourage parents, children and organisations to collect vouchers and get active.


We worked with the perfect audience for this campaign. Mums. We reached out to the most prominent, relevant and influential family bloggers in the UK.

Research was the key to the success of this campaign. The bloggers had to be an exact fit. We took our time, we found the best and we reached out to inform them of the project.

They all agreed to take part.


Twenty of the most influential UK bloggers shared their opinions and feelings on active, healthy lifestyles and how important it is for their family. To spread the word, they hosted individual giveaways on their site.

Entrants were encouraged to:

  • Say what organisation they were collecting vouchers for
  • Tweet that they were getting involved in the Active Kids campaign
  • Share pics socially of their voucher collections


The results for this campaign went beyond our expectations:

Total entries


Number of tweets


User comments





2 million